Water-transporting membranes

A collaboration has been established between CECB and Applied Biomimetics A/S focusing on nanotechnology in water purification. The collaboration is partly financed by the Advanced Technology Foundation and involves  complementary technologies from the laboratories of Applied Biomimetics and CECB. One Postdoc is employed in the project.

Anacell, Nanowires in cells?

Anacell is a collaboration at the Department of Chemistry between CECB, the group of Jesper Nygård and the Bionanotechnology and Nanomedicine Laboratory headed by Karen Martinez. The project is supported by the Strategic Research councel and Novartis. The collaboration finances a PhD student at CECB.

MMPs and in vivo substrates

In a collaboration with Hideaki Nagase and Ngee Lim Han from Oxford University we are investigating the involvement of MMP12 and MMP13 in arthritis. In this collaboration selective MMP substrates were developed using combinatorial chemistry and reverse inhibitor design. In vivo substrates are used to monitor proteases in vivo with temporal and spatial resolution during progress of disease.

Processing enzymes

In a collaboration between Novo Nordisk A/S and CECB we express and study processing proteases for biopharmaceutical manufactoring. A shared PhD student is involved in expressing suitable proteases and determining their specificity for bioprocessing.