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Software Developed in VS-2008

To deploy the files to your computer, download the files below, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where the Zip-file was saved. Unzip the installer and run Setup to install the application. Copy the Installer.msi, Setup.exe, and any other files and subdirectories to an appropriate directory on the computer you want to install the programs on. Double-click Setup.exe to run the installer. (Note: You must have install permissions on the target computer in order to run the installer.) Neither Center for Evolutionary Chemical Biology nor the program developer can be held liable in any way for any damage or loss caused by downloading, installing and using any of the software on these pages. Any download or application of the software is on the sole responsibility of the users downloading the software. Further support for installing or using the software is not immediately available.

ImtoC is a program that converts three orthogonal images of MPM-encoded beads to 3D-coordinates of embedded microparticles. HtoS is a program that compares these coordinate sets for subsequent readings of splits and hits in combinatorial split/mix synthesis. See also Meldal, M., Christensen, S. F. (2010). Micro-Particle Matrix encoding of beads. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49, 3473-3476. CIA is a program for comparison of fluorescent and bright fiels images in analysis of cells to accurately determine the average fluorescence intensity of cells.

Currently only our WEB-bio-molecular weight calculator, also hosted on this page, is available. Programs for MS, cell, bead and image analysis are coming soon.

Download Pomwin.rar